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Monthly Minutes for July 9th 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:08 pm by Mike H.  Board members present Mike H. Mike B. Chris, Ronnie, Dwight, Henry, John K.  The minutes from the June were read,

New Members:                                Adan Y Sanchez.  Mike B. motion to accept new members and Henry second.

Old Business:                    Friends of NRA awarded $6,500.00 from grant monies per Chris.  6 new dumpsters were purchased and taken to outdoor range.  Roof repairs on hold. 30-06 ammo is here and price increase for CMP matches.  Elaine R. called Mike H about safes and said she will call him when they can get them out of shed.

New Business:                 

Nothing new to report on new indoor range. 

Mike B motion to close meeting and Seconded by Dwight, meeting adjourned at 7:50pm