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Monthly Minutes for Aug 13th 2019

Monthly Minutes for Aug 13th 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:04 pm by Mike H.  Board members present Mike H., Mike B., Ronnie, Dwight, John K.  The minutes from the July were read, and approved.  Dwight motion to accept and Ronnie seconded.

New Members:                 Joshua Bennett, Jesus Alvarado, Casey Carr, Darrin Siebert, Mary D. Keith, Kevin Donovan, Michael Boettger, Craig Dusek.  Dwight motion to accept new members and Ronnie second.

Old Business:                    Drone fly over was discussed and tabled for time being.  Work was done on barn roof for water leak.  Grass seed was planted with money from Friends of NRA grant.  First Responder and Veteran match was a success doubled participants, Ryan Lucas will give a report next month. 

New Business:                  A discussion on separate checking account for first responders was talked about and Mike H and Ryan will talk to accountant about feasibility.  A discussion on Sales Tax monies, can they be put into the checking account to be discussed next month. 

Dwight motion to close meeting and Seconded by Ronnie, meeting adjourned at 7:46pm