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Monthly Minutes for Oct 8th 2019

Oct, 8th, 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:05pm by Mike H.  Board members present Mike H., Mike B., Ronnie, Dwight, John K, Henry Z, Kendell R.  The minutes from the Sept were read, and approved.  Dwight motion to accept and Kendell seconded.  Passed

                No Treasurer’s report was given bank statement was not available:

New Members:                 Edward Adams, Gary Whetstone, Kiefer Bribiesca   Kendell motion to accept new members and Ronnie second.

Old Business:                    Fund raiser presentation for Scout County Shrine Club 52 week gun raffle.  Proceeds to support Shriners to help local area kids to get to hospitals for emergencies.  Contact Mick Hunter locally or Scott Lundgren (620) 260-6813.   Fall work day scheduled for Oct 19th

New Business:                  Insurance for gun show is is costing $1400.00 this year and Security will be club members as assigned and GC Police Dept. will hopefully have at least one officer in bldg.  Contract for 3I building have been signed by Mike Homm.   Indoor range fans have been repaired.  Friends of NRA grant request for new signs at outdoor range are being written by Mike Homm.  USPSA match for Saturday is cancelled.

Henry motion to close meeting and Seconded by Mike b. meeting adjourned at 7:50pm.