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Monthly Minutes for Sept 10th 2019

Sept 10th, 2019

Meeting called to order at 7:01pm by Mike H.  Board members present Mike H., Mike B., Ronnie, Dwight, John K, Henry Z, Kendell R.  The minutes from the July were read, and approved.  Mike B. motion to accept and Henry seconded.

Treasurer report read and motion to accept by Dwight and seconded by Kendell.

New Members:                 Shane Jones, Lcas Boxquez, Kolton Mead, Dan Pianelto.   Ronnie motion to accept new members and Henry second.

Old Business:                    Ryan Lucas gave brief report on First responders match.  $266.52 due to Ryan for expenses.  Had better turn out than last year.  Separate bank account for First Responders will probably not happen, Ryan and Mike C will research getting a 501C for tax write off for vendors next year.  Insurance from Lloyds of London for club and range cost $3,367.00.  Insurance for gun show is separate and will have more discussion next month.  Collector’s show meeting to follow next month meeting. Mike Homm will close out paper work for last year’s grant monies from Friends of NRA.  Michael Boettger will help on web page and on Drone overview of outdoor range.    

New Business:                  Calendar on Order by Mike H. ordered 200 each.  Motion to make Jeff Southern our new treasurer by Kendell and second by Ronnie.  Jeff will finish Chris Wells term as treasurer.   Ned to discuss fall work day next month.

Mike B. motion to close meeting and Seconded by Dwight, meeting adjourned at 8:00pm