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Monthly Minutes for Feb 11th, 2020

Feb 11th, 2020

Meeting called to order at 7:01pm by Mike H.  Board members present Mike H., Mike B., Ronnie, Dwight, John K, Henry Z.  The minutes from the Dec meeting and Jan meeting were read and approved.  Henry motion to accept and Dwight seconded.  Passed

New Members:                Dakota Eberta   motion to accept new member passed.

Old Business:                    Report from Mike H on Friends of NRA Grant meeting.  Sand & sage should be getting monies for signs.  Radio ad taken out for Collectors show costing 800 dollars.  E-blast was sent out for volunteers for collectors show.  Ronnie has meat certificates for volunteers’ drawings for Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun.

New Business:                  FSA offices approved an additional 49 acres of CRP grass at range.  Change rate to 32 dollars per acre now.  Discussion on new members that can not read English.  Mike will check with lawyer and more discussion next month. 

Board members had special meeting s Feb 4th to make changes to Treasurer.  All present board members retain their original positions except for the treasurer, Jeff Southern will resign as Treasurer, and Dwight Scholl will accept treasurer position.   Motion was made by Ronnie and second by John K at the Feb 4th Committee meeting.  Passed by Mike H, Mike B, Kendell R, Henry Z, Ronnie H, Dwight S.

Board members are as follows:

Mike Homm                      President

Mike Bakken                     Vice President

Carlos Pardo                      Secretary

Dwight Scholl                    Treasurer

John Krueger                     Board member

Ronnie Hemmert              Board member

Jeff Southern                     Board member

Henry Zerr                          Board member

Kendell Roberts                Board member

Dwight motion to close meeting and Seconded by Mike b. meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.