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Range Rules

To all new members and renewal memberships:

Welcome to Sand & Sage Rifle and Pistol Club.

We were formed in 1962 by a handful of members interested in shooting sports.  We have seen some rough times, built five different ranges on leased land, and now thanks to a lot of dedicated members, we now have the ownership of the 160 acres our range currently occupies.  We generally conduct shooting activities during all months when the weather allows us access to our range.  All activities conducted by the club are open to any club member and their guests. 

The most asked question we get is “when can I use the range?”  Many of our competitions are promoted in the newsletter and will be included in our notification process.  The outdoor range is open year round and is utilized on a first come first served basis.  The only exceptions are when a sanctioned competition is being held or law enforcement is having training.   These shoots usually are common knowledge to the membership.  Our range is occasionally used by the Garden City PD for training purposes.  All ranges may be used concurrently with the exception of the West ranges #1 & #2.  Our facility has been constructed to U.S. Army and NRA safety zones between ranges. 
Protective glasses and ear protection is required on all ranges.

NO bottles or cans are to be shot on the range except in the designated plinking pit (#14).  This pit was specifically built for plinker’s.  This is the ONLY range you may shoot and leave your targets where they fall.  Please pick up your own litter and targets on the other ranges and deposit them in the trash barrels provided.  Remember, ABSOULTELY no cans or bottles are to be shot anywhere on the range except the plinking pit!!

Do NOT send a non-member to use the range unaccompanied by a member.  This will be considered trespassing.  Do NOT give out the combination to the range to non-members.

We have  running water and electrical hookups for campers – come enjoy.

We hold several competition shooting events.  Listed are some that we currently shoot:

  • Civilian Marksmanship Program high power shoots
  • 22 Bowling Pins/ Big Bore Bowling Pins / Combat
  • 3 gun tactical shoots
  • USPSA/ICORE pistol shoots
  • Cowboy Action Shoots
  • Black Powder Cartridge Rifle (BPCR)
  • Special events as scheduled

We also welcome your junior shooters (ages up to 18 yrs) to participate in our Junior club – We furnish guns and equipment for all the Junior programs.  We have a very active Air Rifle program at this time, with usage of air rifles provided by the club.


Go north east of Garden City on Hwy 156 (13 miles) to the first turn to the North after mile mark #13, turn north on Mennonite Road (blacktop).  Go three (3) miles North then turn east on Rockpit Road.  Go 2 ¾ miles east.  The range gates are on the top of the hill on the north side of the road.  Please be careful entering the range!  Your current membership card has the range combination on the back of the card.

Please carry your membership card with you when using the range.  Your membership may be questioned – Please do not be offended if you are asked for proof of membership—It is for your protection as well as ours. 

Rattlesnakes are present at our range-Please take appropriate precautions.  Electronic ear muffs are recommended.

Please observe all safety rules, wear shooting glasses and ear protection at all times when shooting. 

Please pick up after yourself and, above all, have fun!!!


  • Alcoholic beverages and firearms don’t mix.
  • Shoot only the type of firearm designated for the range where you are shooting.
  • No shooting of target frames or numbers
  • No loaded guns allowed except on the firing line
  • eye and ear protection are required at all times
  • no cans or bottles are to be shot anywhere on the range except the Plinking Pit (Range #14)
  • All vehicles stay on designated roads and parking lots
  • The gate will lock behind you when you go into the range and when you leave the range
  • Don’t drive through until the gate stops.
  • During scheduled matches the other manual gate will be open. Don’t lock the gate behind you when the scheduled match is occurring the shoot chairman’s will lock the gate.
  • At range #4 the multipurpose range do not drive out and put your targets up when people are shooting on the firing line.
  • If you need to go down and look at your targets on the #4 range the multipurpose range ask everyone to seize fire and make the firearms safe and then proceed to go down range to check your target or put new ones up.
  • 50 BMG is limited to paper only.
  • Do not drive on the berms or backstops
  • Do NOT use armor-piercing ammo on any metal silhouette targets!  This is a dangerous practice and these projectiles can come back to injure you and/or people around you.
  • No littering.  Pick up after yourself-your mother does not work here!!!
  • Guest s are permitted to accompany the member to the range.  The member must be reasonable with the numbers of guests they take to the range.  Violation of this rule will be considered trespassing.
  •  Do NOT move targets from one range to another


Range #1
500 Meter Rifle Silhouette Range
Swinging Targets and Benches
(Paper or steel targets only, 50 BMG paper only)

Range #2
Multipurpose Range
(Paper or steel targets only)

Range #3
22 Rifle Silhouette Range Not in use at this time, may
Be repaired at a later date.

Range #4
100 yard Multipurpose for all guns
Sight in Benches, target frames          
(Paper or steel targets only)

Range #5
50 yard sight in only
(Paper or steel targets only)

Range #6
25 yard Silhouette Pistol rails
(Steel Targets)

Range #7
50 yard Silhouette Pistol rails (Steel Targets)

Range #8
75 yard Silhouette Pistol rails (Steel Targets)

Ranges #9,10,11,12,13
Pistol ranges
Rifles only  in sanctioned matches
(Paper or steel targets only)

Range #14 — Plinking Pit
 ONLY range for cans and bottles
Plinking Pit- shooting all kinds of targets

Range #15
Combat Pistol range. 
Bowling Pin tables and target frames
22 Rimfire Pins are only used during matches.
(Paper or steel targets only)
No rifles cartridges allowed.